The Food, Art, Nature, and Science Collaboration 

The FANS Collaboration


In 2016, community educators from in and around Brattleboro came together to discuss partnership and alignment. These collaborators sought to find new ways to meet the needs of teachers in Brattleboro and beyond. From this partnership came the Food, Art, Nutrition, and Science (FANS) Collaboration. Learn more about our members through the Organizations tab.

Community Resource Hub


Based on input from Windham Southeast Supervisory Union teachers, the FANS Collaboration has created the Community Resource Hub, an easy-to-use database which compiles hands-on learning opportunities for strengthening classroom curriculum. If you are a teacher in the Windham Southeast or Windham Central Supervisory Union, this is the place for you! Teachers who are interested in supplementing their classroom curriculum with field trips or classrooms visits from community educators should explore the hub today. Don't see exactly what you were looking for? Reach out to us; many of our organizations are able to work with you to create an activity more tailored to your needs! 

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